How to be more Lady Like 101

How to be more Lady Like 101

Well hello there! So glad you stopped by. Todays conversation is on, how to be more lady like.

Alright alright so no, you do not have a wear a dress or a skirt to seem more lady like. Tho it helps 🤷🏽‍♀️ Being a Lady is a vibe, a whole mood, that you channel from the inside. Every woman has this capability. So here are some ways if your feeling a little stuck in the rut. 

First thing first....

Introduce yourself! it makes no sense to walk into an event or room and stand there like your a fly, who just flew in and just wants to hang around and watch everyone. That’s weird; Introductions, give the notice that you are confident in who you are, and your (a) 😉present. In another sense if your with someone, and a party walks up, be sure to introduce everyone, now that’s dope.

Be friendly but not too friendly. Set the tone of I’m nice but not a push over. It’s a vibe that is carried, and felt by many. Trust your vibes... those are your boo boos. 

No matter what you are wearing, having a great posture makes you look 10x better! Please reframe from slouching! and sit with your ankles crossed! 

- Lady Tingz

Please have clean nails. you do not need to have acrylics or gel nails for your hands to look elegant. clean and shaped nails give you a polished look. Also you just look like a cleaner woman.  

          If you do not have time for a hair stylist or the budget is short this month, Still make sure you hair looks like it's been groomed in public. You can do many of natural styles, protective styles, honey even a wig. but never, ever, ever a sloppy head. Ladies you know what your sloppy head is  so, no need to explain. Sometimes things happen We get it. But not everyday sis.

You have to know what's going on in the world... now I'm not saying you need super details or have to study. However having at least an understanding about the things going on will make you seem more prestige. Sounding like you know sounds way different then really knowing, Stay up to date sis. 

Last but not least Attitude! A lady is not loud. We move and act like a swan. Yes, I said swan, lol, however take some time just watch how a swan video. they are beautiful and loveable they make you feel good. They also can remember which humans were nice or mean to them, Smart right! So be Pleasant, even when you have to say NO. Please say know how to say No! (it’s ok) Being sweet, and caring of others. for me is the ultimate key to being a Lady, and will get you along way!

Now these are not all of things that makes you a lady. Just some pointers to get into the right direction if this is the lifestyle you choose. I hope this helps. 


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