Follow the Model .... Mara Crowder

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Follow the Model .... Mara Crowder

Follow the model Mara Brad MarasJunkDrawer Allwayz A Lady would be so lost if it wasn’t for our Ladies!!!

Everyone wants to know her name!!! And trust she’s got the game.... Mara Brad, She has the beauty and brains, and is such a sweetheart!

Essential health care worker, and wears it well! She is the Real Deal and deserves around of applause!! 

She’s an amazing Wife and mother of three beautiful children 

Aside with, helping with keep the world Healthy and safe; She owns her Own business, and is a YouTube personality. 

YouTube and IG

Shop on - MarasJunkDrawer

She makes custom made Wine glasses. 👀👀👀🍷🍷 And I personal have ordered 3. ask why would one woman need 3 glasses... Well they are so dope and classy and personalized artistic pieces ones not enough. And a true wine lover loves multiple glasses, Custom made her for you!!!

Here’s one of my personal ones. It’s a Good quality glass, its nice and thick so it’s pretty durable and big which made me happy!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Theses also are super adorable!!!





Stay up to date, and order, Follow this Lady and Allwayz show support! 

Search MarasJunkDrawer and the shop! 

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